Teeth Whitening Tips For the Brightest Smile

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Only a face lift would make the change in your appearance that you can achieve with a bright, shiny smile. People automatically think of white teeth as belonging to the young and healthy. This is probably because as we age, our teeth actually lose their white and sparkly look. If you are interested in having a whiter smile that exudes a younger image, consider these teeth whitening tips.

* Avoid food or drink that will actually discolor your teeth. You should not have coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, cola or blueberries without brushing your teeth as soon as you can.

* You should not smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes turn your teeth yellow, just like everything else. Walls and fingertips are examples you can not deny.

* You should check out the tooth whiteners you use at home. Strips are available that you place on your teeth. There are trays that you fill with the whitening solution and bite down on. Regardless of the many formulations, they are not difficult to use.

* Baking soda is a great toothpaste for a shiny smile. This is not a new use for baking soda. Although it is a different taste experience than commercial toothpaste, it really gets your teeth clean. Many of the whitening toothpastes use this as an ingredient. If you want to really pack a punch with baking soda, make a paste out of it using hydrogen peroxide. Be careful, it can be abrasive if used every day, most dentists warn.

* Be sure you eat lots of raw foods that are crunchy. These work as natural tooth cleaners and whiteners. They can even remove plaque that is stuck to your teeth. Of course, this makes your teeth much whiter. You could munch on apples, carrots, or broccoli.

* It is good to use a straw when you are drinking things that could potentially stain your teeth, like cola. This can actually keep your front teeth whiter because it keeps the liquid at the back of your mouth. Your front teeth have limited contact with the offending liquid.

Teeth whitening could change your whole experience with a brighter, whiter smile. If you follow these simple tips, you can achieve that gleaming smile you always wanted.

Source by Ashley Bouck