Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

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So, what exactly is weight loss tea and how does it help us lose weight? For thousands of years, people have been drinking tea not only as a beverage, but also for the variety of medicinal benefits that it has to offer.

Now, there are many different teas on the market that are used to treat a variety of different conditions. When it comes to choosing a particular tea in order to supplement your other weight loss efforts, there are several different varieties that you are going to come across. Green tea, oolong tea, and white tea are some of the most common varieties that you are going to find that are advertised for their weight loss benefits.

The most common tea used in weight loss is green tea. When you drink it, your metabolism is turned up, your appetite is suppressed, and your blood sugar is stabilized. When these three things are taken together, not only will you consume fewer calories, but your body will at the same time be burning extra calories. If you regularly drink five cups of tea per day, you will burn about 70 more calories per day than you would have otherwise.

One of the most popular teas served in China is oolong. Oolong works in a very similar method as green tea, but, due to its higher caffeine content, will stimulate the metabolism somewhat more. Drinking oolong tea will also improve your body's fat digestion abilities. Like with green tea, five cups per day is recommended.

White tea works in a different different method from green and oolong. It works by helping to prevent fat cells from forming in the first place, and also stimulates the body's ability to burn fat. As before, three to five cups per day is best.

Two others that you will find when searching for different kinds of weight loss tea are herbal teas and pu-ehr tea. Some people have even reported that drinking pu-ehr tea has helped them lower their cholesterol levels. Pu-ehr tea is a form of black tea that is considered to be an acquired taste because of its particularly earthy flavor.

As you can see, tea can be a useful tool in your efforts to lose weight. Drinking tea is part of an overall healthy lifestyle. When you combine the right nutrition choices with an active fitness program, losing weight is much less difficult than it may seem at first.

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