Target Your DNA For Younger Skin

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Want to look younger?
Target your DNA.

That is what beauty companies with the Research and Development clout are doing. They are looking right at the DNA, the building blocks of life, in a bid to turn back the clock.

Sounds like some creepy sci-fi horror movie where humans get their DNA spliced ​​up to create a new breed of animals. In reality, it is not like that at all. Old mice had the skin of young mice after 2 weeks of the topical application of a chemical to block NF-kappaB. Basically, some genes control the life span of an individual by controlling the rate of aging. The experiment on the mice provided that old tissue can go back to its younger state. Granted, what works on those mice will not work on humans because those mice were genetically engineered to respond to that chemical, but it is a breakthrough in the science of anti aging.

While that technology is not ready for human consumption yet, there are other ways that are already available to help delay aging. Genes control infection and skin's barrier building abilities. Olay Professional Pro-X uses enzymes to target the production of lipids for the skin's barrier, to slow down aging. Products that contain azulene soothe the skin.

Antioxidants protect the DNA from damage by free radicals. Here, using products with vitamins A, C, E or green tea or pycnogenol or pomegranade or antioxidant-rich ingredients will help you slow down the aging of your skin.

Do you boost cell turnover to reveal younger looking skin? That is what microdermabrasion, retinoids and the acid peels would do.

Now the new thing in beauty is to slow down cell renewal. The logic is this: cells can only replicate a certain number of times so if your cells replicate faster, your skin gets worn out faster too. Also, if the cells replicate too quickly, they do not have time to repair themselves fully so the new cells produced are not as good as they could be. By slowing down cell renewal, you give the cells time to fully repair themselves before replicating. Here you get healthier, younger skin.

Sirtuins slow down cell division, allowing cells to repair themselves before dividing again. Avon, Dior and Estee Lauder capitalize on Sirtuins to give you younger skin.

Source by Janice Wee