Spray Tans – Salons Versus Home Treatments

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A relatively popular alternative to the sun, when it comes to tanning is spray tans. The fact that they have been embroidered by many of the Hollywood elite has made them more well known as a beauty treatment in the last few decades.

A question that is often asked when it comes to having a spray tan is when it is better to have it done at home or in a spray tan salon?

Well, let us have a look at the pros and cons of having a treatment done in a salon versus at home.

The first consideration is convenience.

If you want a tan right away, then doing it at home is more convenient especially if you have to book days ahead in your local tanning salon. However, many women will argue that having it done in a slon is in fact more convenient and easier because you do not have to have the expertise to do it.

The second consideration is achieving an even coverage.

If you know how to apply a tan by a spray, then that is fine. But many women who have not had that much practice, may find that they get a better result in a salon. Salons have more experience providing all over coverage and avoiding potential problems such as streaking, than the average person trying this for the first time at home. Remember that there are several difficult to reach areas when trying to apply it yourself.

The third consideration is cost.

In many cases it is cheaper to try a tan at home. But considering that you may not get the best result, you may consider a salon treatment instead to save the hassle of having to live with a streaky tan for weeks to come. So check the cost of a local tanning salon to see if it is within your budget.

The final consideration is custom skin tones.

Salons offer spray tans that are specifically formulated for your skin tone. It is difficult to match the limited shades that store purchased spray tans offer to your skin and salons are able to customize the color. This is a benefit for special occasions where you want to have a tan that is well matched to your original skin tone, and may be worth the extra cost of having it professionally applied.

In conclusion, you now know the pros and cons of a spray tan done at home versus the salon. You have some options here. If you prefer a light colored skin complexion, then you will not need a tan. But if you want a tan without UV rays, then sprayed on tans are an option.

Whichever way you go, always do your research to find out the benefits and side effects of any beauty treatment and to make your own decision.

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