Spot Best Wrinkle Creams Available in the Market – Do You Know the Trick?

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I was shocked to know that more than 80% of people have no clue on how to select the best wrinkle creams. In addition, even more shocking is the fact that people think that the branded ones are the best wrinkle creams available in the market.

Well, let me tell you a fact. Brand is the worst criteria to select a product. Here is an article that tells you that how to select the best wrinkle creams from the lot available in the market. I am going to share a trick, which you can use to judge almost any cosmetic product in the world and then take the buying decision. Read on to find more about it.

The trick is to read the ingredients list published by the manufacturers. The law forces manufacturers to publish the ingredients used in any product and this is the information you and I can use to our advantage.

Protect the skin from harmful ingredients
We all understand a basic fact that anything topical applied on the skin can percolate in the blood stream and eventually reach all the parts of the body. Therefore, it is of grave important for us to protect ourselves from harmful ingredients that can do damage to the body. Here are some of them.

Parabens – they are used as preservatives in almost all the cosmetic products. However, I was shocked to read a medical report, which confirmed the presence of parabens in cancerous tissues. Parabens are potential carcinogens. The potential is stressed here, because even if there is 10% chance of them being cancerous they are still dangerous.

This is the reason that many countries in the EU have completely banned the use of Parabens in any type of cosmetic products.

Fragrance – These seemingly safe ingredients are the most dangerous ones. Any type of musk, cologne, or artificial fragrance is a mix of thousands of harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause damage to the brain cells, endocrine system and even to the reproductive system.

If you learn the trick to identify the harmful ingredients and avoid them then you know how to avoid more than 80% harmful products.

The rest is simple as identifying the natural ingredients

Yes, that's correct, natural ingredients is the key to identifying the best wrinkle creams from the lot. Look for ingredients, which are derived from natural sources and nothing else. Such ingredients are safe and effective because they attack the root cause of aging skin like loss of collagen and free radical activity.

Make no mistake about it – the only piece of information that you need to select the best wrinkle creams is the ingredients list and nothing else.

Learn about it, memorize this fact, and select the best of the best products from the internet and say goodbye to the wrinkles and other fine lines of the skin.

Source by Kerri Doyle