Special Skin Care Treatments For Your Face

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Aside from the basic skin care routines that we normally do everyday – cleansing, toning and moisturizing – there are some other special treatments we can give to our facial skin to make it look and feel better. Have you ever considered giving it a facial massage and a special facial mask? These two treatments can definitely bring life to an awkward tired and dull-looking skin!

Facial Massage – Facial massage can be considered as one of the ultimate skin care pampering techniques there is. Making facial massage a regular part of your skin care routine can definitely improve your skin's appearance. It works by stimulating a more regular flow of blood to the facial muscles, relieves tension and prepares the skin for the action of other skin care treatments.

Do not know how to start? Do not worry. Simply follow these steps for an effective facial massage and you can never go wrong!

o Pour a small amount of oil and gently apply it all over your face taking care to avoid the eye area. It is best to use essential oils since they are absorbed easily into the deer layers of the skin and they do not clog the pores. Use oils that are recommended for your specific skin type.

o Gently tap the skin around the jaw line and the area underneath the chin using the back of your hands to stimulate the skin cells. Then, massage your chin by making small circular movements with your thumbs.

o After you are done with your chin, shape your mouth like an "O" and massage either side to ease out fine lines.

o Using your fingertips, press along the top of the cheekphones and massage outward up to the temples. This action will certainly release any accumulated toxins in your facial muscles.

o Apply pressure to points above the bridge of the nose and underneath the eyebrows, using your middle fingers. Hold it for 5 seconds and gently smooth toward the outer corners of the eyebrows and up to the temples. Then, apply firm pressure at either side of the temples and rotate backward.

o Finish it off by stroking up the forehead to the hairline using the palm of your hands.

Facial Masks – Facial masks trace its origin as far back as the ancient times. Facial masks made from mud and ancient Egyptians used clay as part of their regular skin care ritual. In the seventeenth century, European women were recorded to use milk and eggs to improve the appearance of their skins. All around the globe, natural ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs found their way into some form of facial mask.

Facial masks are an important component in proper skin care. They cleanse the skin by unplugging the pores and removing the deeply imbedded impurities underneath the skin's surface. They also provide a healthy glow to the skin by nourishing it and replenishing the skin's lost moisture.

There are face masks for every type of skin. However, clay (fuller's earth) and oatmeal are among the most widely used ingredients for any facial mask. Here are some common facial mask recipes that you can try at home:

Facial Mask for Normal and Oily Skin – Mix 2 teaspoons of fuller's earth with 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Add a few drops of mint extract and just enough water to make a creamy paste.

Facial Mask for Dry and Sensitive Skin – Mix finely ground oatmeal with enough hot water until it forms a paste. Let it cool and then add at least one tablespoon of evening primrose oil.

For best results, apply the freshly made facial mask on your face and leave it on until it dries up (this usually ranges from 10 to 30 minutes). Sponge it off afterward and splash your face with water to remove all traces of the mixture. Do not apply the mask on or near the eyes.

There you have it – a special facial treatment right at the comfort of your own home! Try these and you can be sure that your face will thank you for it!

Source by Michael Russell