Something Everyone Should Include In Their Weight Loss Plan

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DRINK LOTS OF WATER! We've heard it all before is probably what you're thinking and its true; we hear it all the time. But how many of us actually implement this in our daily lives? I think it is safe to say that not enough of us do drink the minimum recommended daily take which is approx 8 glasses a day. So why is it that even though we know we should, we still do not do it? It could be because we do not really understand what water does to our body's that makes it so important. There are a number of reasons why drinking water is important and the first and most obvious is that we can not physically survive more than a few days without it.

But why is it important for weight loss? It plays an important role in weight loss for a number of reasons:

Water flushes toxins from the body. By drinking water regularly you are helping your body flush out the toxins you put into it. It also has to deal with the toxins and as a result, decrees the energy levels you have making you more tired and less energetic.

Water is an appetite suppressant. Our brain does not differiate between when our body is hungry or thirsty so sometimes when we think we are hungry, we are just thirsty. By drinking water regularly, you keep your body hydrated.

Water helps with the digesting and absorption of food. It helps break down the food in your stomach.

Not drinking enough water forces your body into "survival mode" where your body naturally starts to store any water that you do feed it. So by retaining water your body does less to flush out the toxins and also causes bloating.

Great for your skin. Water is great for clearing up your skin and gives your skin a natural glow.

To start off with, it can be a little difficult getting into the habit of drinking 8 glasses per day, but here are some tips to help you get into the habit of it.

Have a glass with every meal and snack through the day. That already accounts for approximately 6 glasses in a day.

If you struggle having the glass in one sitting, just take small sips through the day at work on your desk.

If you are having trouble monitoring your intake, count approximately 3x or 4x 600ml bottles for your daily water intake.

You will find in the beginning you will be running to the bathroom a lot, but this is actually good news! Your body is not yet used to consuming that amount of water and is just starting to flush out the toxins. So let it get used to being constantly hydrated!

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