Some Natural Alternatives to Medicinal Herbs For Skin Minus the Side Effects

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Medicinal herbs for skin and other botanicals can be very beneficial. But, most of the herbal skin care products that you see on the market, today, offer only the fragrance of an herb or botanical. Concentrated plant fragrances like linalool can cause allergic reactions. Any added fragrance can cause an allergic reaction, as can artificial preservatives. The safest choice is a fragrance-free product that contains natural vitamin E and grape seed oil to prolong the shelf life.

Here's a look at some of the medicinal herbs for skin conditions and other botanical extracts that can be used to treat existing skin-conditions and / or reduce the signs of aging. Only the best botanical and herbal skin care products provide anti-aging benefits.

Nettles, Marigolds, Arnica and Saint John's Wort

Although these may be beneficial herbal skin care products, there are drawbacks to them. There are other natural alternatives that have fewer side effects. Nettles are medicinal herbs for skin that can soothe itching, but in some people, they cause stinging. Babassu palm oil soothes itching, eczema, dryness and inflammation, without the risk of unwanted side effects.

Marigold herbal skin care products have been used to treat acne, reduce inflammation and soothe irritation. They are less likely to cause irritation, but other choices are more effective. Palm oil, honey and jojoba are effective acne treatments and honey has antibacterial activity, which is an important component for healing blemishes.

Arnica is a toxic plant, but the roots contain effective fungicides and antioxidants that can have an anti-inflammatory effect. There is some debate about the benefit / risk ratio of arnica. Even the roots contain thymol, which when absorbed through the skin can cause internal bleeding. Honey has antioxidant activity and absorption through the skin is non-hazardous.

Anti-aging Skincare

In order to find the best naturally occurring compounds for reducing the signs of aging, we have to move away from the medicinal herbs for skin and look at other extracts. According to clinical studies, the most effective is an extract from sheep's wool. Sheep's wool has long been pressed to release lanolin, which has numerous healing effects on the skin. But, the new extract is extracted separately and the protein content of the extract is higher.

In clinical studies, it has been shown to increase skin cell proliferation and promote the growth of new collagen and elastin fibers. When added to some other botanical and herbal skin care products, such as the palm oil mentioned above and wakame kelp, the protein becomes even more effective.

It is oxidation caused by free radical damage that leads to wrinkling, sagging and ever skin cancers. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, so they fight the signs of aging and help prevent cancerous growths. The protein extracted from sheep's wool has a unique antioxidant activity, in that it can counter millions of free radicals with a single molecule.

You could fill a book with the medicinal herbs for skin and other natural remedies. That's just a little bit of info to get you started.

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