So You Think Cardio For Weight Loss is Dead?

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Think again … Any fitness professional worth his "Salt" is going to include some sort of cardio as a part of your overall fitness program. Now with that being said there are many different types of "Cardio" that a person could do.

Here's an example, Just the other day my wife suggested we put in a flower garden in our back yard. Sounded good to me, until I got the news that I would be the one doing the "Sod Busting!" Now I suppose your wondering how does this fit in with cardio as a part of a well balanced fitness routine?

Well have you ever used a "Sod Cutter"? It's a tool that has a blade on it and you get the blade down through the grass and you "Kick" or "Push" the blade through the sod to remove the top layer. After a couple of 30 ft passes kicking and pushing this Sod Cutter through the dirt in my back yard, let me tell Ya my legs and Lungs were on FIRE!

Now that's Cardio!

So yes cardio can come in many different shapes and sizes, but make no mistake about it, some sort of cardio and having a balanced approach is the key to any well rounded fitness program. You must include some fat burning cardio as an important part of your over all fitness plan.

Now here are some suggestions to keep some cardio and balance in your workout program.

1. Plan your Work Out

Plan your work and work your plan. In order to maximize your time and results, you need to have a written plan for your fitness routine. If you will not be going about it in a "Willy-Nilly" fashion and waste valuable time a get less than desirable results. A written plan will be balance and discipline to your program.

A typical plan for my clients workouts is:

1. Stretch & Warm up
2. low intensity body weight movements
3. Low intensity weight lifting
4. Super Intense Body weight movements
5. Super Intense weight lifting
6. Super Intense Cardio work
7. Low intensity power band work
8. Cool down with some stretching and walking etc.

With this sort of plan I can include several types of exercises to focus on the body parts I want to work out the most as well as get some fat blasting cardio to keep the pipes clean.

2. Stretch & Warm Up

You Need to get your muscles and body ready for the effort your going to ask it. Do this properly and you will minimize your risk of injury and have a few minutes to review your work out plan for the session your about to begin. Give yourself 5-9 minutes to warm up and stretch a little before you begin any thing intense.

3. Bring the Intensity it's the Master Key

This is where you will make the gains you are looking for from your work outs, Intensity is the KEY. Now understand not everyone is created equal when it comes to their fitness ability and capacity, Intensity is also a way to customize your routine to fit exactly to your abilities, you should not try to do more than you are capable of until you get to know what your abilities are. If you can only do 1 push up now, so be it ……. if you can walk up and down 1 flight of stairs right now, start with that and work up from there. Everyone's needs are different, I have worked with people of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities, so do not feel the need to go out and try to do 50 push up's right off the bat. Intensity is the way to customize your routine to best fit your needs. Intensity, Bring it BIG if Ya can!

You can always ramp up the Intensity as you progress in your fitness level. It's the intensity that will help you break through plateaus and burn stubborn body fat and get in the best shape possible..I also ask each client to bring some music that gets them "Fired Up 'that we can use during our session, I find it helps to take them to the next level.

4. Follow a schedule for Maximum Results

To maximize your results You should follow a schedule that includes at a minimum 4 of these "Whole Body" work outs each and every week, then include some other fun activities on your "Off Days" to keep your body fired up.

Follow these 4 key points and you will get "Exponential" results from your workouts!

Source by Scott Florin