Skin Whitening and Acne

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Can skin whitening products fade and disappear scar marks and blemishes caused by chronic acne? Whether skin whitening works hinges on the type of acne the scar was formed by.

The two primary classes of acne are inflammatory and noninflammatory acne.
Skin whitening treatments are your best bet for non-inflammatory acne. Noninflammatory acne includes blackheads and whiteheads, primarily distinguished by where the clogged pore is located. They are stimulated by an imbalance of oil and moisture on the skin, and are inclined to take place on dehydrated skin where oil is hyperactive in compensation for the deficiency of moisture in the skin.

Inflammatory acne is different; rather than a mere clogged pore, it's stimulated from an inflammation in response to fast-growing bacteria. Papules are little, firmly pink bumps, and are the most moderate form. Pustules are small moonlike lesions and distinctly contain pus; they are reddish at the base with a yellow or milklike center. Nodules or cysts are big, painful, reddened, pus-filled lesions deep inside the skin. They can harden into a thick cyst, and can leave behind deep, hard-to-remove scars.

Skin whitening products curve melanin production and address skin discolorations caused by an unbalance in melanin output. Scar marks changing the surface of the skin instead of the color (like icepick or rolling marks) can not be labeled with whitening products. Rather, whitening products fade post-inflammatory pigmentation, while not as efficaciously as they fade freckles.

Acne sufferers believe skin whitening products will help. But for many, the source of the trouble of acne is scarring is dehydration or skin dryness. Whitening only assists post-inflammatory pigmentation, or macules once they have occurred. As a suggestion, restore your oil and moisture imbalance first, then you can work on repairing the scars.

Serums and essences can help achieve that balance by sinking in deep into your skin, unlike ordinary moisturizers, and are a helpful complement to skin whitening. Regular usage helps you obtain an optimum balance of oil and moisture. And because skin is hydrated, skin cells blemished by acne will be repaired. In the end, the top layer of damaged cells will slough off; When the cells below are properly hydrated, you will find a reduction in acne.

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