Skin Pores – How To Avoid Visible Pores In Skin?

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Every hair follicle on the human body emerges from a pore. Wherever there is a hair, there is a pore. Pores are also connected with sebaceous glands. This sebum protects us from microbial infections and keeps the skin moisturized. Sweat also comes out of the pores and keeps the body temperature constant. A pore is very essential to health. But when a pore looks enlarged, it becomes a cosmetic concern, especially if that happens to be the face. Why do some people have large pores and others do not?

Genetics surely play a role. You can do nothing about it. Skin type plays an important role. Oily skin pores look larger while dry skin pores are tighter looking. Sometimes, the pore is not large but may look large because of dead cell and sebum accumulation around it. Removing whiteheads and blackheads forcefully may increase the size of the pores. What can one do about pores that look enlarged?

Care of enlarged skin pores-

Keep your skin free of excess oils. That does not mean that you strip away the acid mantle totally. Just keep the oil manageable so that it does not look shiny. Use cleansers that are mild and preferably enriched with AHAs to keep the acid mantle undisturbed. Use exfoliation agents such as topical retinoids to remove the excess dead skin cells that accumulate around the pore. Treat blackheads, because they draw attention to the pores. Skin protection from the sun can reduce the enlargement of pores.

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