Skin Lightening Treatment – 3 Reasons Your Skin Lightening Product is Not Working

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Millions of dollars are spent on skin lightening products by people all over the world only to find they do not work for them. So much money is wasted every month as products end up gathering dust on the shelf but some people do actually see fantastic results with these products. Are you one of those people not seeing results? Here are some of the most common reasons that skin whitening products do not work.

Lack of Consistency

Many people report poor results when using skin lightening products whether topical creams or skin whitening pills but dig deeper and you'll find that they only used the product for a few weeks forgot about it then came back to it. If you are slack with the application of your treatments, your results will also be slack!

Just like with any other treatment, consistency is key. If you want great results from your skin lightening product, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. If it says use morning and night, do exactly that. Your consistency will be rewarded with a beautiful and even complexion.

Lack of Adequate Sun Protection

It is important to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage in any case but I can not stress just how important it is to use a sun screen with at least SPF15 when trying to lighten your skin or fade dark marks. Most skin lightening treatments work by suppressing the production of melanin (responsible for skin pigment) and exposure to the sun causes more melanin to be produced. By not using sun protection while trying to lighten your skin, you are counteracting the effects of your chosen product.

The bottom line is always, always, always wear sunscreen, especially when using skin lightening products!

Your Chosen Product Might Just Suck!

With so many products promising great results, how do you know which one really works? A great place to start is the ingredient list. Effective skin lightening ingredients include hydroquinone (although this one can be harmful) and naturally derived ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin (bearberry extract), licorice root, glutathione and many others. If you do not see effective ingredients on the list, stop wasting your money and find something else!

Source by Anita Greenwood