Skin Care and Dairy Goats

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You may wonder how, in the world, dairy goats can help manage your skin care needs. It’s true that dairy goats, such as the Alpine and the Saanen, provide milk used in bath and body products that are healthful for your skin. How are they healthful? I’ll explain, but first, here are some fast facts about these goats.

The name Alpine or French-Alpine goats are used synonymously. This goat originated in the Alps of Europe. They range in beautiful colors from pure white to varying shades or combining colors of gray, brown, black, red, buff, fawn, and more. Their hair is basically short. They have heroic temperaments and provide awesome milk!

The Saanen dairy goat originated in Switzerland, specifically, the Saanen Valley. They are white, cream colored, and some have spots on their skin. Their hair is generally short. The does, female goats, produce large amounts of milk. They have “peppy” temperaments and provide wonderful milk!

Milk from these dairy goats is, an ingredient, used to make mild and gentle bath and body products such as: handcrafted soaps, lotions, face cream, shampoo, foot scrubs, bath soak, and more!

Recent studies have shown that goat milk can provide anti-aging properties. It aids in the regeneration of collagen under the skin, negating some of the visible signs of aging. It’s a buffer that leaves the skin very close to its natural pH. In fact, after using commercial soap, even the mild varieties, skin takes an average of two hours to re-establish its correct pH. This explains the uncomfortable, itchy, and tight feeling skin so many people experience after bathing. It is also the basis for the claim that soap should not be used on the face. However the concern, of using soap on the face, disappears when you use goat milk soap, since the skin’s acid mantle is left intact. Some people notice a difference between goat milk soap and commercial soap the first time they use it! Many users claim, no other soaps on the market relieves their dry, itchy skin the way this soap does.

Many people benefit from goat milk lotions and face cream by having soft, silky, and smooth skin. Others claim to have a beautiful sheen on their hair with goat milk shampoo. It is even used in exfoliating foot scrubs with mild and gentle soothing properties. A bath soak, with aromatherapy properties, offers a relaxing and rejuvenating feeling for just about anyone. The healthful benefits of natural goat milk bath and body products are endless!

Thanks to the Alpine and Saanen dairy goats, there are handcrafted mild and gentle “natural” alternatives in using natural goat milk bath and body products, compared to harsh, skin irritating, commercial products. These goats help provide natural skin care products resulting in beautiful and healthful skin.

Source by Susan Katchur