Simple Yet Effective Skin Care Information That You Can Follow

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If you are among millions of people who have just cross their 30s and looking for effective skin care information; you have come to the right place.
Most people do not know that skin care information can be categorized in three sections.

1. How to take care of skin by exercise and proper diet.
2. What products to use to provide nourishment to skin.
What most people miss out is the third point
3. What products to avoid while selecting a good skin care cream or a lotion?

We will discuss all the points in little more detail but the main thrust in this article is around point number three.

How to take care of skin by exercise and proper diet?
Fruits, fruits juices and green, fresh vegetables are a blessing for your skin. Your daily diet should have adequate quantities of all of these. Most of us do this mistake of assuming that there is nothing missing in our diet. If you are not sure about your diet; I would strongly recommend that you should see a dietician to find out what is right for you.
A proper exercise regimen can do wonders for skin. When we exercise our body works internally, we breathe faster and the blood flow to all the organs including skin increases. This helps in attaining a natural toning of our skin.

What products to use to provide nourishment to skin?
Products that are manufactured using natural ingredients are best for our skin. They do not have any side effect. They are known to supply the required proteins and vitamins that help increase the production of natural collagen in our body and help revitalize our skin.

Third and most important – What products to avoid while selecting a good skin care cream or a lotion?
Padimate-O: This is an ingredient usually found in most of the sunscreens. There are studies confirming that it facilitates the production of free radicals. We all know that production of free radicals is not good for our skin.

Toluene: This is a by product of coal tar; it is used as ingredient in most of synthetic fragrances.
You will be shocked to know that direct intervention of Toluene can affect your nervous system. Other symptoms may include: irritation on skin and nose, lowered blood count.

Triclosan: Again a shocking revelation; Triclosan is used in weed killers. Need I say anything more than that?

Rancid natural emollients: When oils are refined, they are stripped of vital nutrients and develop a tendency to produce free radicals.

So there you are – equipped with the effective skin care information that most companies do not tell you on their website. I would suggest you visit some website of companies who are transparent in sharing the skin care information with their customers and then take a decision to buy a product.

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