Roses – Express Your Love to Your Beloved

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Valentine's Day is incomplete without gifting roses to your beloved. Although, roses can be gifted on any day, it is customary to give them on this particular day. It is important to state here that the color and the variety of roses transported carry a specific message and hence care should be taken when sending a rose bouquet. It is advised that you follow certain rules when selecting the colors of roses before sending them as gifts. Some of them are listed below:

Red Roses symbolize love. Red roses symbolize love and lasting love. The florist is the busiest person in the month of February, thanks to Valentine's Day. Moreover, the demand is very high and since prices are quite expensive.

Pastel colored pink personify elegance, calmness and happiness. When you want to communicate feelings of fun and joy, there is no better ones than the light pink. Expressing Thank you is done best with deeper tones of pink roses.

Lilac roses signify love at first glance and hence it is important to couple it with a card. The significance of lilac has not been as well-known as red roses. When one wants to express feelings like miss you etc, then white roses are the ideal ones. Purest white roses are symbolic of genuineness, virtue and purity.

Coral roses are symbolic of passion and ardent love, just like their colors. Desire is best expressed with coral.
Peach colored roses denote admiration, appreciation, humility, reticence, compassion and empathy. When it comes to orange roses, the sender expresses zeal, gusto, yearning and attraction.

Yellow roses symbolize companionship and liberty and hence if you want to convey feelings of love and romance, then you should avoid sending them. They are apt when you want to express appreciation for the good work done or congratulating a newly wed couple or graduates and so on.

A bouquet of roses combining two colors conveys a different meaning. White roses and yellow roses when combined and rearranged in a bouquet imply agreement or accord. A good combination of yellow and red roses means joy and festivity. A bouquet of white and red roses sends a message of solid bonding and togetherness.
The number of roses in a bouquet also conveys a different meaning. A bouquet of twelve implicates that your love has fully blossomed. 24 roses combined together to form a bouquet imprint sending congratulations. Complete love is best expressed with 48 roses.

Thus, roses convey a deeper meaning than we had thought it to be. So next time, be careful when you send across flowers, especially Roses.

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