Rid Acne For Good Naturally – Find the Cause and Rid the Disease

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Acne is a very unpleasing condition of the skin, primarily affecting the face, back and sometimes shoulders and upper arms. It can be recognized by pimples, lumps, cysts, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Most teenagers are affected by acne, sometimes all through their teenage years, which is the very worst time of their lives to have a disfiguring condition like acne, just at the time they are sensitive, and usually quite highly emotional, so it is important for them to understand the causes of acne, and know that there are remedies available to treat this condition.

Exactly why some people get acne and others do not is unknown, and there does not seem to be one primary cause for the development of acne.

Some think that greasy foods, or chocolate can bring on a bout of spots, and certainly I seem to be forward to the chocolate theory, although there seems to be no scientific evidence to back this up. I would probably still lay off the chocolates and greasy foods, especially just before an important occasion such as a wedding.

Acne is not caused by poor hygiene, but of course good hygiene is important, so gently washing the face two or three times daily will help keep any bacteria at bay.

Hormones do seem to be a contributing factor, since the reason teenagers are so prone, but hormones do not seem to be the whole story. Some other factors may be certain types of medication, and certain cosmetics, especially ones with lots of added chemicals. Also anyone working in an environment with oils and greases seems to have a greater chance of getting problems with their skin as these substances can clog the pores, and hence bacteria can breed more readily.

The hormones mentioned earlier often over-produce, and so cause over stimulation of the sebaceous glands, which are found in the pores of the skin, hence the problems for teenagers as their hormones fluctuate. The extra oil, or sebum that the sebaceous glands produce links bacteria on the skin surface, which then blocks the pores. The bacteria multiply, and so the acne spot is formed.

Adults can also suffer with acne, often women at the times in their lives when their hormones are fluctuating, can get an outbreak of acne.

Wearing tight clothing, a hat or a helmet for long periods may cause a flare-up. If hair is on the greasy side and you have a fringe, that may be an added factor for forehead spots. I hope this helps, especially teenagers. Happily there is a solution that many, many people have found to be beneficial.

Source by Rose Chapman