Revolutionary Depression Treatment

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This depression treatment strategy is unique in that it is a combination of science and nature, so there is no mystery or magic, just facts. Can there really be a treatment that helps address your depression every day, without having to do anything, not even take a pill? Yes there is, but it is not a skin patch, but a similar concept, and you do not need to replace it.

It is our version of a microchip implant, except that you attach it to the surface of your skin. First we need to explain the basics of how it works. Our thirty plus years of ongoing health research has significantly involved using medicinal plant oils, called essential oils.

We have selected some essential plant oils from our expertise and practical applications. Ones like Benzoin and Alpinia Zerumbet, for inflammation, and deep calmness and central nervous system balance. Then other oils that balance and uplift, such as Rosewood and Spikenard.

Normally, these oils would be applied to the skin, and their therapeutic properties would quickly travel around the whole body. What is not well known is that it is not just the actual contact with the oils, but their specific frequencies, that have their therapeutic effect. Our average body frequency reading could have about sixty hertz, but these oils have frequencies up to four thousand hertz. This means that they are harmful to toxic cells, but beneficial to healthy ones. Here it inhibits any depression infection or any other disease potential. Essential oils protect the health of the plants that come from, and do the same for us.

The next step is storing these plant oil properties in a silicon dioxide, which is quartz, similar to a computer chip. We need these properties to be permanently stored and to continue emit them into our body.

This is the point where some people have difficulty understanding or believing. The combination of science and nature is wonderful, and what matters is that it works.

Quartz crystal or silicon dioxide, is the most abundant mineral on the planet. Its history of healing dates back to the Pharaohs in Egypt, and Incas in South America. It is also in our bodies, in the pineal gland and in every cell.

The science gets deep and fascinating, but it is science, and fact. The properties of crystals themselves include storing of information in its unique internal structure, and its ability to keep this data constant, since its use in timekeeping in crystal watches, computers, satellite communication, and equipment in industry.

The healing properties stored in the bracelet crystals can be detected and absorbed by the microscopic crystal content in our blood and right through our body, thus transferring the balancing and healing properties to help balance our emotions, and to inhibit any disease causing inflammation, with the anti inflammatory properties of Benzoin oil.

Bling, there you have it, your own psychological depression elimination bracelet. All the beneficial health properties of the oils, are encoded into the crystal beads. While you are wearing the bracelet, the healing frequencies are absorbed into your skin.

So now you have several ongoing therapeutic benefits, of balancing calming, and uplifting. It is like taking continuous vitamins, or continuous remedies, or massage. It is a gentle, natural and effective first aid, that helps you along, and hopefully, anticipates any chance of depression setting in.

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