Resveratrol Improves Longevity & Slows Heart Disease & Free Radical Damage

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Resveratrol is an amazing new discovery that enormously extends life expectancy. A study in Burgundy France found the longevity of residents was 46% longer, in spite of a diet that consumed fats and other proven poor foods. It is believed that the resveratrol in the red wine grape skins, especially abundant in Burgundy, was the reason.

There is flurry of current research that is investigating why this phenomenon is occurring. There appears to be two main reasons that explain why resveratrol is so effective in extending longevity.

The first is the stimulation of the longevity gene, SIRT1. The second relates to oxidative damage that is harmful to your body’s cells.

Robb and others in their research of biochemistry and biophysics find there is a 14 fold increase in the activity of SOD2. Why this is significant is because SOD2 greatly reduces inflammatory free radical activity in the body’s biochemistry. Oxidative damage is reduced because the free electrons are not allowed to cause as much free radical damage with the accompaning inflammation.

Hereditary, genetic diseases excluded, all other degenerative diseases are caused by inflammation. Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, kidney, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s are the major ones most people are familiar with.

Free radical damage causes oxidative damage which translates into inflammation and cellular DNA damage, producing degenerative diseases.

“We know that most degenerative diseases are limited to free radical damage.”…James Balch, M.D. In 1954 Dr. Denham Harmon said this: “A single common process, modifiable by genetic and environmental factors, was responsible for ageing and death of all living things.” This is more true today because of the increased insults to your body and its genetic code. Disease is produced by damaged DNA and inflammation.

There is a proliferation of toxic chemicals and substances that attack the mitochondria and the nucleus, impacting the DNA of every cell in your body, altering the genetic code, causing aging and pre-mature death. Cancer is a prime example of this.

Nearly everyone knows the term “carcinogen” is associated with cancer. What this means is that certain substances, chemicals… can cause alteration of healthy cells which turn into cancer cells. In simple terms, the mitochondria and genetic code of the cells get “messed up”. This spawns a misfit, rogue cancer cell. If enough of these cancer cells proliferate and multiply, tumor cells develop. (anti-oxidants are helpful in preventing this)

The best way to combat disease is with a healthy body that has a strong immune system. Insults due to free radical damage and DNA degradation are stopped by prevention. Resveratrol appears to be a supplement that enhances your immune system and thus extends life expectancy.

In addition this can be accomplished by a healthy diet of good supplements, vitamins and especially raw, fresh vegetables and fruit. These all contain anti-oxidants that reduce the cellular damage and DNA injury. Prevention of pollution from air and water are also important.

Your body handles toxins each day, eliminating chemicals and foreign substances. Unfortunately our modern environment sometimes overwhelms your body with huge amounts of a substance that is carcinogenic…cancer causing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we are exposed to 80,000 toxic chemicals. Virtually all people tested today for residual toxic chemicals have them.

In a recent study, researchers tested families for 107 man-made toxins. Every single person, whether young or old, was found to have toxic contamination.

In another study involving 2,400 people, monitored by the CDC, 148 foreign chemicals were found in the blood and urine of those tested.

These products cause inflammation and sometimes even genetic aberrations that cause cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Prevention is the key to health. At the very least reduce exposure to impure water and air. Do not allow toxic chemical to be inhaled or come in contact with your skin. Toxic chemicals tend to have a cumulative effect.

Diet is a huge factor. Anti oxidants from raw foods, vitamins and supplements counteract the oxidative damage to mitochondrial DNA. Good anti oxidants are vitamins A, C, and E, lycopene and CoQ-10 enzyme in the ubiquinol form. Now resveratrol appears to be the biggest asset of them all.

Reduction or elimination of packaged and prepared foods as well as excesses of sugar, fried foods and artificial (foreign substances) also help prevent disease.

Source by Denis Van Loan