Removing Skin Tags Permanently

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Many people get skin tags. If you are someone that suffers from these harmless skin growths then you are not alone. People of any age can suffer from them, although they generally strike men and women when they reach middle age. They can be present on almost any part of the body but they tend to strike specific areas including the eyelids and the groin area. Skin tags are small growths of skin that protrude above the skin. They are tumors, in a sense, but are benign and harmless. At times they become more than just a minor inconvenience, such as when they are on the eyelids or if they are under tight fitting clothing, such as a bra strap. In that case they would be better off being removed, but how is this done? Removing skin tags can be done at home, although it should not be done without considering the possible consequences.

Removing skin tags is often done at the doctor's office, although this can be costly and a bit painful. They generally freeze the skin tag off and leave behind a nice little scar to remind you of where the skin tag once was, an undesirable thing, especially if the skin tag was somewhere quite noticeable, such as on the face. Still others go about removing skin tags at home, usually with a pair of slippers, but if care is not taken you could end up with bleeding, an infection and a scar. There are many natural methods for removing skin tags, some of them work and others are nothing more than folklore.

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