Remove Pigmentation Marks, Stop Uneven Skin Tone

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Uneven skin tone is the result of pigmentation marks generally. So how can pigmentation marks be removed and get an even toned skin? Let's me show you.

What are the causes and what can you do to prevent pigmentation marks, brown age spot from returning?

Causes of Pigmented Skin

Some things can not be removed such as, a birth mark, a melasma or port wine stain. The usual cause of brown age spots is either the sun, pollution or both.


Needlessly to say, your face, neck, hands and skin in general will look more attractive once the spots are gone or greatly reduced. Your skin's health will be greatly improved if you take the following steps.

Step 1 – Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Pigmentation in the skin is because of melanin. It comes from deep in the skin and is made by melanocytes. When we are out in the sun the body puts up a defense to guard against burning and the UV rays.

So logically to prevent pigmentation marks or brown spots we need to stay out of the sun. This is not always possible but outside exposure should be limited on very hot sunny days. But when you must go out of more than 10 minutes use a zinc oxide sun block. Make sure you apply it evenly over all the exposed skin areas. If you do not have your skin tone will be uneven. Keep out of the sun and keep lovely.

Step 2 – Avoid Petroleum-based Alcohol

It is not entirely understood but petroleum based alcohols can actually cause pigmentation marks. This is probably because the number of free radicals are increased by it. This may be due to the stinging effect of alcohol that sets things off. Free radicals can cause skin cells to make melanin production at an uneven rate.

Pollution from the environment contribute to age spots as well. Again it may be because of setting the free radicals into motion causing damage.

Step 3 – Use the "Right Cream" Regularly

This is a very important step in protecting the skin and removing unnecessary age marks. The key ingredient that must be in the skin cream is extra-pone nut-grass root. It is an anti irritant that will restrict the producing of excessive melanin.

If the production of melanin is restricted or reduced and you stay out of the sun for long periods, the skin cells will become lighter in color. After a few weeks, the spots should begin to fade away and in time be completely gone.

So the final step is to use a Natural Whitening Day Cream that has the above ingredients.

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Source by Margaret Bell