Reigning Simplicity: Nokia 6300

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The Nokia 6300 phone is slim and decorative. It befits polished personalities and can be used for both work and pleasure. The handset has a stainless steel body, which makes it sturdy and sleek. It is available in two colors – silver and black. Silver dons executive look and black exudes style.

The Nokia 6300 phone hosts messaging features aplenty. These make it an ideal communication device. Users can customize correspondence by choosing a mode that optimizes a particular expression. For instance, you can use the SMS facility to exchange formal messages with collections if you are late for office. If you're on a holiday to the Alps, you can send a picture message to a friend using MMS. If you vex your girlfriend and she refuses to talk, you can record a song or a romantic message and send it to her using the Xpress Audio Message feature. With that she would not be able to resist your implorations for long.

With the Nokia 6300 phone, you can be at work outside your office. The phone offers you emailing facility. You can even browse the web using WAP and xHTML browsers. GPRS and EDGE expedite mailing and browsing. Bluetooth and USB aid sending and receiving data and applications to and from the handset. The SyncML feature establishes compatibility between the handset and other devices. This facilitates data exchange between incompatible gadgets.

The Nokia 6300 has a 2 mega pixel camera, 8x Digital Zoom, Viewfinder, Video Recorder, Video Player and much more. It facilitates sreaming of live video, which is of utmost importance during a cricket or soccer match. Macromedia Flash Life 2.0 provides the platform to run multimedia files / videos.

Utile music functionalities and a multitude of gaming options make this phone an incredible entertainer. With organizational forces that exceed surpass those of your personal assistant, the Nokia 6300 phone is set to break its way in to your house and office.

Nokia 6300

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