Reduce the Risks With Natural Skin Care

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Why should everyone care about natural skin care? Because natural skin care products are not only safer, but they are also more effective than the ingredients that you will typically find in cosmetics products. Being safer alone is enough to sell me on a product.

The fact that more people are not demanding that natural skin care products move to the forefront of every cosmetics company's product line is beyond me. I think that maybe part of the problem is that few people really understand just how unhealthy the ingredients that are used in the majority of these products really are.

The most widely sold skin care products contain some of the most dangerous ingredients. Many of them are simple allergens that mainly belong to the class of chemicals that they are using in order to produce fragrances, but there are others that are commonly included that are far more harmful than that.

Natural skin care is an absolute necessity when you consider the fact that the major cosmetics companies are using chemicals in their products that have been banned from use in other parts of the world. These ingredients include carcinogens, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors. You do not want to put these ingredients on your skin.

Skin care products such as these should be carefully avoided, because scientific evidence has shown that the ingredients that they contain present a real threat to your health. Parabens, which are popular preservatives in skin care products, were found in breast tumors during a scientific study a few years back.

In a true natural skin care product you will find absolutely nothing that can even remotely be considered harmful to humans. The ingredients contained in the product should be plant based, with natural vitamins, proteins, and enzymes as opposed to the synthetic versions that can be found in many cosmetics products.

Skin care products should contain substances that will act to reverse the processes that are behind why our skin ages. That means that you need ingredients that will elevate your body's collagen, and hyaluronic acid levels. This was impossible a few years ago, but recent discoveries have changed all that.

A developer of natural skin care products in New Zealand has unrecognized an odd blend of proteins that will stimulate greater collagen and elastin production. They have also discovered that an extract from a variety of kelp found exclusively in the Sea of ​​Japan that will allow your levels of hyaluronic acid to rise.

With the inclusion of these two natural ingredients, Functional Keratin and Phytessence Wakame, this company's skin care products have come to be widely considered as possibly the best anti aging skin care creams in the world, and they are also considered some of the safest products being sold.

Their products prove that natural skin care can be effective. If every cosmetic company followed the example of the one in New Zealand, perhaps less of us would suffer from sensitive skin. Never again will we be forced into buying a line of products that are both harmful and ineffective simply because there are no other choices.

Source by Kathleen P. Walsh