Quick Weight Loss Tips – Drink Your Food

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Weight loss experts agree that liquid diets can melt pounds away quickly. Many specialist obesity hospitals use liquid meal replacements as an effective way to help control calorie intake. In these clinical settings the patients can be strictly monitored and are given very low-calorie diets. Consuming only a very low-calorie liquid diet is not advisable without supervision.

However, using liquid meal replacements in place of one or two of your regular meals can be a highly effective way to help you feel full and optimize your nutrient intake yet keep your calories down. Some new studies suggest those on low-calorie liquid diets can keep weight off effectively, providing the diet is supported by effective cardiovascular physical exercise.

One research trial, published in 2001 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, followed patients who were taking classes in weight loss and nutrition. Some of these patients were eating traditional meals while others were using very low-calorie liquid supplements.

After five years, those on the liquid diets had lost more weight and had maintained four times as much weight loss as the traditional dieters.

Other studies show that people using meal replacements lose significantly more weight, and keep it off for at least a year, than those sticking to a more conventional reduced-calorie diet. In one particular study, dieters using meal replacements lost on average approximately 5 pounds more than those on conventional diets. What's even more interesting – and important for your success – is that the participants on meal replacements were more likely to keep to the diet.

While we're not sure exactly why this may be the case, many people do find liquid meals easy to incorporate, and they can make meal planning simple. You get to replace potentially calorie-dense foods with foods with known nutrient and calorie content. For many people, this can be a huge benefit, taking away the hassle and stress associated with trying to choose the right foods.

So while the ideal is to introduce a balanced variety of foods into your diet, liquid meals may help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and provide guidance about reasonable portion sizes.

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