Pro Active Skin Care – Does it Work?

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Does Active Pro Skin Care really work or should you go with another treatment? That's the question many people are asking themselves today.

You've no doubt seen the TV commercials and heard the testimonials of people whose face has completely cleared up from using it; however, does it really achieve those results for most people?

The truth is that it works for some people; however you might want to think twice about buying it. I will first reveal the customer feedback Pro Active Skin Care gets and finally my experience with it.

On the whole it only receives average to below average marks from most people who use it and here are some of the more prominent drawbacks of using this remedy.

It dries out your skin

In particular the green toner it comes with is what has been known to really remove the moisture, and for this reason it tends to aggravate the skin. Not only is this bad for acne removal but it hurts as well.

Makes acne worse

In many instances not only does Pro Active Skin Care fail to remove the pimples but it can actually cause worse outbreaks. Many have complained that it actually causes more tiny red pimples to appear all over the face than before.

It's expensive

Quite simply, $ 20 a month is quite expensive for any acne product, much less one that really has not consistently proven to work. There are much cheaper remedies out there, trust me.

My experience with it

I used Pro Active for roughly 1 year and at first it seemed to clear up the acne. However, as is often reported it later came back with a vengeance and made my acne even worse than before I started using it.

On the whole the reviews on the product are very mixed-some say it works for them and some say it does not. Really the only way to tell if it does for you is to test it out for yourself.

However, there are plenty of remedies that work a lot better and are much cheaper, and I would strongly suggest you stay away from Pro Active Skin Care.

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