Poultice For Boils

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Boils are nothing but skin abscesses that occur due to the intrusion of a type of bacterium named Staphylococcus. Boils for many are quite troublesome as they are affected by the development of boils frequently. Boils are highly infectious in nature and the bacteria can easily transfer from one skin surface to another, one individual to another. In case you are affected by boils you are advised to take necessary steps to eradicate the boils infection as soon as possible. Perhaps the best possible remedies for boils is to take up preventive steps to stay away from the attack of boils but if at all it occurs you must ensure that the infection does not spread from its original location.

Although boils are contagious in nature but the immune system of the body has the ability to eradicate the infection. In fact, you would require minimal external medication to get rid of boils. Boils can also respond well to home remedies like home made poultices. The following are some poultice for boils that are quite effective in destroying the bacterial infection.

Types of Poultice for Boils

Goldenseal Poultice – The poultice consists of a thick paste of the powder of goldenseal root. The paste is to be placed on a thin sheet of cloth like muslin, linen, gauze or white cotton piece. The goldenseal root has actually antimicrobial properties. It has a berberine content which is anti-inflammatory in nature.

Lavender – This poultice is formed by lavender and tea tree oil. It should be spread across the boil area and warp the region with a clean towel. You are recommended to apply the poultice for twenty four hours a day. The poultice would actually draw out all the infectious germs and destroy the toxins to a great extent. You might be feeling a painful throbbing sensation while you apply the poultice. Keep changing the poultice with a fresh one through the day. You are recommended to wash the boil surface with antibacterial solution after the poultice is removed.

Onion Poultice – The onion poultice is also quite useful in eradication of boils infection. Chop the onion into fine pieces and place them in a cloth and apply it on the poultice. You are recommended not to apply the onion directly on the boil surface as it can be quite strong for the delicate boil surface.

In spite of applying effective poultices for boils if you find that the infection still persists, you are advised to visit a doctor for a bacterial culture.

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