Postcard Marketing Tips – Consistency is the Key

Margarita FolkPosted by

In this quick article I will be honest and let everyone know that postcard marketing works for those who are consistent. When I say consistent, I'm talking about the people who develop a marketing plan to mail a fixed amount of postcards on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and no matter what they follow their plan for a fixed amount of time.

All too often I receive emails from some of my clients telling me that theyailed out 1,000 postcards but they have not made any sales. The first thing I want to know is how many leads did they generate from those postcards. Based on industry averages, a 1,000 piece postcard campaign should yield anywhere from 25 – 100 opt ins. The amount of leads generated should be the only concern for serious postcard marketers. As long as there is a steady flow of fresh leads being generated on a daily basis the sales will come.

Most new postcard marketers will mail out a campaign and wait for the sales to come rolling in. This is the wrong way to run your business and the fastest way to failure. Postcard marketing is not a quick fix to instant sales. It is a process where you mail the postcard, generate a hot lead, and follow up with that lead until it's converted into a sale. Most prospects will not make a purchase from your website the first time they visit after receiving your postcard in the mail and that's why email auto responders are vital to your success. If written correctly, your automated emails should close your prospects and make the sales for you.

Honestly, the key to your postcard success is simple. Keep mailing postcards, generating leads, and follow up with those leads. That's it. Do not worry about how many sales you've made because that is not important. What's important is that you're generating leads. Without leads you can not make sales so all of your energy should be aimed at getting new leads. I hope this is making sense.

Source by Mike J. White