Personal Color Analysis – Suzanne Caygill, Color: The Essence of You

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Suzanne Caygill published Color: The Essence of You in 1980, the same year Carole Jackson came out with Color Me Beautiful. Suzanne Caygill is looked on as the pioneer of personal color analysis and image consulting. She was a friend of the famous Edith Head who in turn was a wardrobe designer and consultant to in Hollywood.Caygill

Caygill used an expanded and more complex version of the “seasonal” color theory. Artist’s were first identifying this theory about a hundred years ago. Caygill believed that a person’s season, and sub-type seasons, should be matched with their personalities, and with their body type. In fact, she believed that a newborn infant’s coloring would then heavily contribute towards shaping the child’s personality.

Her beliefs severely clash with our current concepts. For example, we believe that women with any natural coloring can look pretty. Caygill, however, taught that Autumn women naturally have strong facial features that would preclude the possibility of her ever looking “pretty.” If, in fact, she had the misfortune of looking pretty, this quality was to be downplayed, so that her appearance could be in sync with her strong personality.

Caygill espoused a personal analysis system that corresponded with the four seasons of the year. She assigned colors to different seasons than expert Johannes Itten recommended. Johannes Itten and other color theorists had agreed that summer is a bright season with long daylight hours and bright blue skies and bright colorful landscapes; while winter has much less daylight and is a season of muted colors, such as blue-grey skies.. In other words, she dubbed winter as a bright color category and summer as a muted category, nonetheless image consultants have continued with this classification system ever since.

Source by Jan Hawken