Perricone's Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Skin

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Shaping up through the proper diet goes along with having a smoother and healthy looking skin. The right combination of healthy foods and dieting can bring out a better-looking you. Living with the wrong diet will only leave your body maker and your skin looking old and tired.

Perricone, a specialist on eating for a better skin, says that eating right helps improve how one looks. It basically means that the type of food that you eat can help define your physical appearance. Perricone was responsible for the "anti-infection diet," which, when observed by his patients, resolved in a younger look and significant reduction of acne and eczema problems.

Perricone's "wrinkle-free diet" contains a lot of do's and don'ts. The first crucible element in his diet regimen is Protein. Protein helps a lot in repairing the cells and in fighting aging. Some of the most popular in the list of protein foods are fish, chicken without the skin, turkey breast, and egg whites.

The next important element is that fat should not be avoided, well, not altogether. The reason for this is that fat is anti-inflammatory and it contains antioxidants that help maintain a youthful looking skin. Just as most fish contain proteins, salmon, tuna, and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids that lower cholesterol and are, consequentially, good for the skin.

Perricone's list of Don'ts includes lessening the intake of carbohydrates and sugar that may cause inflammation. As these foods cause chemical changes in the body, they likewise cause collagen to diminish, which is not very good for the skin.

Lastly, Perricone suggests a regular intake of water because it not only helps cleanse the body; it also causes the cells to work better. Eating right is an important key to a successful skin care regimen. Having a well-maintained body also leads to a better and healthier looking skin with fewer wrinkles.

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