Perleche – Causes and Treatments For Perleche

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What is Perleche, Why do you have it & How can you treat it?

Perleche, which is also called Angular cheilitis is an inflammatory problem occurring at the corners of the mouth. A later stage of this causes fungal and bacterial infection resulting in bleeding from the cuts while opening the mouth. Although perleche is not considered very dangerous it is very uncomfortable for people who suffer with the condition. Perleche can make it problematic to eat, speak, laugh or any act that involves opening your mouth. As it is on the face and red rashes can be clearly seen, it also looks very bad.

Primary Cheilitis Causes

The cause of perleche is primarily due to the accumulation of saliva at the folds of the mouth causing the formation of a fungus candida albicans or bacteria. This accumulation of saliva can happen due to various reasons like excessive lip licking or thumb licking in small children or disarrangement of the teeth structure or ill fitting of dentures in elderly people. It is very commonly seen that if lips get dried up, people try to lick them to get relieved from the irritation; this also becomes a reason to get saliva accumulated at the corners resulting in the formation of Perleche causing fungus or bacteria. It is important to refrain from repeatedly licking your lips if you have angular cheilitis.

Lack of Nutrients

The older population often find themselves widely affected by this ailment, this is often the result of poorly fitting denture due to gum and bone shrinkage. In order to deal with this physical ailment, the body needs to have sufficient amount of riboflavin or iron on a daily basis’ supplementation will help if one’s diet is lacking the necessary nutrients. Although rare, a deficiency of Vitamin B is also an added reason for perleche developing. If this is the cause then people should again try to address their diet by eating food rich in iron and protein. A balanced diet will be of great help to anyone who is suffering repeatedly with the condition.

Perleche Treatments

Traditional treatments to cure angular cheilitis range from topical antibiotic or just an anti fungal creams. Creams with 1% hydrocortisone are found to be widely used. Micatin, Nizoral, Lotrimin are some commonly available medical drugs used to treat the condition.

How To Cure Perleche Fast

As with any bacterial or fungal infection, the problem will worsen if not addressed. In the case of perleche, moisture is the key, in order to cure the sores you will need to starve the bacteria by keeping the area dry. As mentioned before, try not to lick your lips or around your mouth, if your lips and sores are irritating you could ease the discomfort by applying petroleum jelly

There are quite a few articles and websites which discuss different perleche remedies, there are also quite a few publications which offer a detailed step by step procedure. It actually depends upon the cause and the nature of the said ailment to decide on how to go about the treatment.

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