Oral Problems & Infections That Mostly Occur

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In childhood days, parents used to be after us for brushing our teeth twice a day and as we grew younger, they advised to floss daily. Do you know why? Just because they were concerned about our oral hygiene. And no wonder we did obey all the instructions and still obeying yet we go through various dental problems.

The main reason behind all the oral diseases are bacteria that can be the cause of gum infections, tooth decay and other mouth infections which are common in both kids and adults. Some of the oral infections that mostly occur are as follows:

Dental Cavities

Nearly, 60-70 per cent school going kids suffer from dental cavities. They occur after the tooth decay which can affect both the inner (dentin) and the outer (enamel) layers of the tooth. The main cause of dental cavities is the intake of sugary and sticky foods like cereal, bread, candy, chocolate, cake and much more. These foods often stick to the surface of teeth. The bacteria in the mouth gets mixed with the food causing acid which attacks the teeth enamel, resulting in creating holes called cavities.


Gingivitis is the medical term for early stage gum disease. Basically, it occurs due to the settlement of a variety of bacteria in the crevices of gums i.e. the gum-line and below it. After these bacteria settle, they produce toxins which when encounters gums cause swelling and inflammation. Therefore, your gums bleed when you brush our teeth. If Gingivitis is left untreated, it can become the cause of periodontal diseases.

Periodontal Diseases

As we talked about Gingivitis, it is the gum disease which extends below the gum-line. Gingivitis that spreads below the gum-line and affect the bone and supporting tissues which can cause periodontal disease to occur. Pockets form around the teeth, giving way to inflammation and bone loss, at which point these teeth can loosen due to this bone destruction. Eight to 10 percent of adults have periodontal disease, and it is the most common cause of tooth loss. It can also make a chronic lung condition worse, even if it’s already present.


Does the intake of hot or cold foods make you wince? If so, then you would be suffering from a common dental problem called Sensitivity. Whenever you eat something hot or cold like ice cream or hot soup, you feel a sense of shivering in your teeth which is sensitivity. It happens due to various reasons like worn teeth enamel, worn fillings, tooth decay, etc.

Drying of Mouth

It doesn’t feel a serious problem as everyone’s mouth can be dry occasionally but when your mouth is most of the times dry, then it’s a problem! It can be due to various health conditions, medicines, tooth decay, etc.

Follow the routine of brushing your teeth twice a day with toothpaste consisting fluoride and flossing every day to keep all the periodontal diseases and gum problems away! In serious cases, take the help of your dentist for the best advice.

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