Nicotine Gum – Does it Really Work? (If Not, How Can You Quit Smoking?)

Margarita FolkPosted by

There's a lot of hype built up around nicotine replacement products, like nicotine gum. Plenty of people swear by them, and just as many are just as adamant against them.

Nicotine gum beats the physical symptoms of a smoking addiction. Instead of craving the nicotine spike from smoking a cigarette, chewing nicotine gum gives you the same delivery of nicotine without all of the cancer-causing bad stuff.

Sounds like a good idea, does not it? There are two major problems with it, though. First, people end up addicted to nicotine gum, which puts you in a similar boat to smoking. Granted, you do not have all of the health problems, but you still end up adding to something, and nicotine is bad for your body.

The second and far more important problem is that nicotine gum does not treat the real cause behind smoking addiction: mental addiction. As a smoker, you are trained to want cigarettes based on certain mental triggers, such as when you're out with your friends, when you're stressed, etc.

Nicotine gum does not do anything for the mental addiction, which is why nicotine gum does not end up working. To actually quit smoking and not look back on it, you need to tell your mind that it does not actually want cigarettes, not just replace them with something else.

If you do not solve the mental addiction behind smoking, you're never going to quit smoking. Everyone says that quitting smoking is hard for a reason: very few people actually stop smoking and become non-smokers. Most people become smokers that just are not smoking because they're condemning themselves cigarettes, which is why so many people relapse into smoking.

Source by Susan L Roberts