Natural Skin Whitening

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Skin whitening has a long history in Asia. A light complexion has been seen as elegant and noble. The quest for lighter skin by women can be traced back to ancient China and Japan. In those days only wealthy women could afford to stay indoors while peasants worked in the rice fields. The popularity of skin whitening has grown even more in recent years when ingredients in skincare products promise lighter, spotless and soft skin in the bottles. The problem is that majority of the popular products available contain harmful chemicals which can cause health issues upon entering the body. It would be wise to choose natural skincare over chemical bleaches for skin whitening.

Typical bleaching creams use ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids and hydroquinone. Alpha hydroxy acids can cause irritation and sun sensitivity. The more serious side effects include burning, temporary or permanent skin discoloration and even scarring. Hydroquinone is an active ingredient that can be found in a wide variety of skin lightening creams. The product is highly dangerous because it often contains mercury. Severe liver and kidney damage is one of the results of this combination. There is also the possibility that after you stop using the product, your melanin cells that were suppressed, may go haywire and start causing more pigmentation. There are many other chemicals in skin lightening creams are found to be toxic, and many have been proven to be carcinogenic. These ingredients have been banned from use under the regulation of the European Union. Big manufacturers use chemical ingredients over natural ones because they cost a lot less to produce. But once these chemicals enter your blood vessels through the skin, they could do more harm than benefit.

How do you safely lighten your skin without irritation and side effects? Using natural skincare is the answer. Extract of Extrapone nutgrass root has been proven to naturally inhibit melanin to gently whiten the skin. Extrapone nutgrass has now been shown in clinical trials to reduce melanin by up to 40%. Its effectiveness and safety have been backed up by well designed clinical studies. It is also found to be very effective in fading liver spots or age spots. Combined with other anti aging ingredients, Extrapone nutgrass can not only lighten skin gradually and naturally, but skin will also become brighter and healthier without harmful side effects. Take full advantage of what the nature offers to look better and brighter tomorrow by choosing natural skincare products.

Source by Caty Chen