Naked But's Do not Lie – The 10 Naked Truths on How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off For Good!

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Weight gain and aging do not have to be joined in holy matrimony. You did not vow to love your love handles, "till death do us part". Sometimes it's time for a divorce from your love handles, or any extra baggage you've been lugging around. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to losing weight. We start down an earnest path, and succumb to our big, bad, "but." As time goes by your but gets bigger and bigger. I want to exercise 'but' … I want to lose weight 'but'. Next time you're sitting on your butt, bare all with these 15 Rebuttals to help you increase your 'but' and get down to the naked truth of losing weight and keeping it off for good!

1. I want to lose weight "But", I get hungry late at night.

Rebuttal: Go ahead and eat. It does not matter what time you eat, it matters what you eat and how many calories you consume and how much exercise you perform on a daily basis. You need a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Just make sure what you eat is healthy & low calorie like an apple, pear or orange. The best fruit to fill you up is watermelon because of it's high water content which helps you lose weight faster.

2. I heard "Seafood" is good for weight loss "But", it's too expensive.

Rebuttal: Your right, "C" foods are expensive, and I recommend you stay away from them. The C foods I'm talking about are cake, cookies, candy, chips, chocolate, and creamy desserts! If you do give in to temptation, and do not we all at times, just limit your portion. Check out the box and inform yourself on what really is 1 serving size. You'll be amazed!

The sea food you were thinking of is terrific when grilled, broiled, steamed or baked. Fried foods actually are the most expensive because they can bring on most heart attacks & that will run you about $ 100 grand.

3. I want to lose weight "But", I do not have time to exercise.

Rebuttal: There are 1,440 minutes in a day. You need to exercise for only 30 minutes a day to add 20 functional years to your lifespan. In other words, you will not be one of the 75% of people who depend on an assistive device to walk after age 65. The sooner you start practicing prevention, the better off you'll be and the richer you'll be in your older age because you will not have to give your money to a home health aid to care for you and you will not have to depend on your children. Whether you're 40 or 70, now is the time to start!

Just think for a moment, what could you do with an extra 20 functionally active years and what would it be worth to you? You would have more time than your peers who do not exercise because you will not be spending countless hours at the doctors office and with all that money you save from medical bills, prescriptions and health care aids, you could start a new career, hobby or business, watch your grandchildren grow up & die looking great! You fill in the blanks, its your life, its totally up to you.

4. I want to exercise "But", I'm too tired.

Rebuttal: Research involving over 6800 people in 70 studies found that exercise increased energy and reduced fatigue – and not just in healthy people – people who had cancer and heart disease also benefited with an energy boost. Sure it's hard after coming home at the end of a work day. A suggestion is to get up 30 minutes earlier and work out. You'll have more energy for the entire rest of the day.

5. I want to weight lift "But" I'm afraid it will make me bulky.

Rebuttal: Women just do not have enough testosterone in their body to get bulky muscles and men have to power train and eat a special diet to get bulked up and even after that, it's hard to attain a bodybuilder type physique. A woman can eat carrot sticks and celery and a man can eat a sensible meal plan and the man will still lose more weight because he has more muscle. Muscle helps to make your metabolism work more efficiently.

6. I want to be slimmer "But" I have heavy-set genes.

Rebuttal: Tell me about it, I'm Italian and if you could see my family, you'd think our gene pool was created at Luigi's Lasagna carryout and Taxidermy! I used to be a size 18 and now I'm a size 6, so I know it's not easy when you are from a plus-size family. The good news is you do not have to be stuck in a plus size body. It's also a good idea to get a check up from your doctor to rule out any metabolic disorder because that can be corrected.

7. I want to work out "But" my joints, back, knees ache. Help!

Rebuttal: First let me answer that by asking you a question. Would you voluntarily walk around carrying a 100 pound bag of cement? When you walk, you place A force equal to 3X your body weight on your knees and hips and that force grows to 5X your body weight when going up stairs. So if you're just 20 pounds overweight, your joints can feel like they are carrying around an extra 100 pounds. If you really want to give your joints a break, no pun intended, get moving! Along it's your muscles that hold you up and if your muscles are weak, your body will respond with pain.

8. I want to exercise "But" I do not like the soreness after.

Rebuttal: What you described is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS for short. You will notice your muscles peak soreness usually occurs 1 – 2 days after working out. This is caused from microscopic muscle tears which is a normal part of strength training. Your muscles tear very slowly and cells come in to repair them and and make them even stronger. Kind of like a contractor building you a house with a stronger foundation. This is how you get a tight and firm body.

It's best to take steps to prevent DOMS. First, make sure you warm-up for five minutes. Second start off lightly with one set of 8-12 repetitions and make sure you gradually increase the weight rather than lifting too much too soon. Third, Make sure you practice good form by controlling the weight as you lift and lower it. Do not swing the weights as this can cause injury. And lastly make sure to stretch at the end and if you can, squeeze in a hot soak in your tub. As you get healthier, you will be able to tolerate exercise better and you will boost your tolerance.

9. I want to lose weight "But" should I lose weight first with just a diet and then start exercising?

Rebuttal: Weight loss is 50% diet and 50% exercise. You need to do both to get results. You can start off with small changes. The small changes you make today will have a big impact over time. Exercise and eating right are the best retirement savings plan you can give yourself and the sooner you start the better off your present and future will be.

10. I want to try interveral training "But" I do not know what it is. Rebuttal: Interveral training really helps blast the fat. By alternating cardio with free weights you can burn fat 5X faster and the great part is that your metabolism will run faster all day. You do not even have to jump up & down to lose weight. A constant motion using controllable amounts of weights combined with low impact aerobics will give you the best results. Remember, diet and exercise is a lifestyle & not something you do for a while, get skinny & then pig out and start all over again. Consistent effort equivalents consistent results.

If at any time you lose your motivation, remember, motivation is like showering, we need it daily! You need to choose what motivates you, it's different for everyone. The technique I find works the best is visualizing yourself at your goal weight. Get out that old photo and display it where you will see it everday or a picture of someone who inspires you to achieve your best. Your personal hero can be an ongoing source of inspiration. If you need extra motivation, I would be happy to help you because having lost 60 pounds, I know it's not easy to do it alone.

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