My Skin Is Changing

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I am fast approaching 40 and my skin has changed significantly over the last 5 years or so. I’ve noticed my pores becoming bigger, and my laugh lines are starting to become more defined. I’ve noticed this too for some of my friends, who I’ve had in my life for many years. Believe it or not they are still simply gorgeous in my eyes, even with these extra wrinkles.

Growing up I was the one with the fairest of skins, I would always get burnt when out in the sun if I wasn’t wearing sunscreen to protect myself. I would go red and peel and then get back to the lily white skin that was there before, albeit a little dryer. I don’t recommend not using a SPF sunscreen these days due to the skin cancer risks, and often find myself hunting around for the highest SPF protection available, to protect me and my skin from getting burnt. Don’t avoid the sun, as you need the vitamin D for healthy skin too.

My skin is still lily white, and I’ve learnt the hard way that the sun really doesn’t like me that much. I was meant to be in a country that snows’ most of the year I think, and not in a country that is mostly sunny and has high UV.

I’ve always used sunscreen as a skin moisturiser and I think that has helped me with not having overly taught skin on my face and body. However, I do notice how dry my skin is becoming now that I am approaching my 40s. If I don’t use a really good skin moisturiser day and night, I notice a huge difference with outbreaks and bigger pores.

I’ve often wondered if other women experienced the same or similar issues as they aged? I mean, what women in her late 30s is still getting up in the morning, looking in the mirror and staring at a nasty pimple? I think that not drinking enough water throughout the day hasn’t helped with this issue either. Noticing that personally, when I do drink my required 2litres of water a day my outbreaks are fewer.

Applying an all over body moisturiser helps my skin become less dry during the day, unfortunately the wrinkles will always appear, that’s just a part of growing older. We all need to deal with this one ladies! There are creams and lotions on the market today that may aide with ‘anti-aging’, however, I’ve not used any personally so I cannot comment on their effectiveness, trying them out and giving them a go might be something that I would consider for healthier, smoother, younger looking skin though.

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