Master the Inner Game of Dieting and Discover Weight Loss Without Dieting

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Are you the type of person who wants to lose weight and be fit yet your home exercise equipment serves as a permanent clothes rack or your gym membership dues feel like a donation? You promise to simplify your life, reduce the stress, and make more time for your loved ones, but each month goes by and nothing changes? Well keep reading.

I recently discovered Ellen Goldman and her coaching class is for those seeking weight loss and improved fitness. It’s called “Mastering The Inner Game Of Dieting: It’s Not About Eating Grapefruit!” Ellen touts it as ‘a coaching, no dieting approach to permanent weight loss’. This is a teleclass – that’s right, you dial in and join others on the phone for an hour of insight, inspiration and more.

As her material states: “As your Personal Coach I will empower you to take charge and get into action. We will work together to develop the physical and emotional energy to help you get motivated and keep you moving forward.”

As a Professional Wellness Coach with over 20 years experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry, Ellen has witnessed the emotional roadblocks, sense of overwhelm or dieting pitfalls that so many people face when they attempt to create a healthier lifestyle. She has the experience and coaching expertise to help you conquer your challenges, and finally live the healthy, energetic and satisfying life you’ve dreamed of.

Her approach is to energize clients so they can work toward achieving their optimum level of wellness for the long-term. She is passionate in her belief that every aspect of life improves when you are functioning with peak emotional and physical energy and health.

And her years of experience working in fitness facilities, running her personal training business, teaching classes, providing workshops and presenting motivational talks has put her in contact with hundreds of individuals who want to know more about fitness and wellness and improve their health profiles. And she has the patience and understanding to help you figure out what will work best for you.

Her list of qualifications includes:

  • Bachelors & Masters Degree in Health & Physical Education
  • Aerobics & Fitness Association of America Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Technologist
  • Certified Wellness Coach & Licensed Corporate Wellcoach
  • Faculty Member, Wellcoaches Corp.
  • Presenter, IDEA 2007 Personal Trainer Institute
  • Presenter, ECA 2009 World Fitness Convention

Empowerment really is the key to successful weight loss. It is not so much about ‘The How To’ as it is ‘The Why’. Every weight loss journey becomes exponentially easier when you have the mental aspects sorted out. When you are able to recognize how your perceptions affect your behavior, you are able to alter your behavior without sacrifice.

Discovering Ellen’s teleclass could be the right solution for you. Developing the physical and emotional energy to stay on course is an important aspect in weight loss and she sure seems to have the experience and passion to help you on your way.

Source by Kevin E Graham