Managing Attention Deficit Disorder

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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a fast rising disorder becoming known to the rest of the world. While it can not be determined by any physical symptom or indicator like a brain scan or a blood test, ADD, otherwise referred to as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is becoming recognized as an ailment or disorder which requires treatment and much dedication for all the Parties involved, not just the sufferer.

ADD or ADHD may be classified into two subcategories, one of which is inattention where a child is often found to be distracted, having difficulty to focus and finish tasks or is unable to take orders or instructions. The second sub-type is hyperactivity or impulsive behavior where a child is often found moving, fidgeting, being impatient or unable to wait for their turn. Once a child is diagnosed with this disorder, immediate treatment is required in order to help the child.

There are many ways to help a child diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. One of which is through medication which tones down the hyperactivity. However, natural methods to treat attention deficiency disorder are most advisable especially especially when dealing with children. Here is a list to help you be familiar with these methods:

Natural Treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder:

O Behavior Training
O In this method, a child is given an incentive for every job well done or for every instruction correctly obeyed. The child is rewarded accordingly in order to enforce proper behavior.

O Family / Group therapy
O The participation of the family in therapies which may help re-shape a child's behavior is most important. Support and understanding from the parties closely involved is essential in order to help a child cope.

O Self-control Classes
O This involves classes which instill discipline, respect and self-control.

Other ways include Socialization Therapy and Educational Intervention. Whiche course the parents or guardians take, to choose from natural ways to manage attention deficit disorder is most advisable.

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