Make You Own Skin-Care Product at Home

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You do not want to read everything on every label of your selected skin-care products? You're not an expert about Mother Nature and benzoic acid then you should love to learn the basics of making at home your own 100% safe skin cream product.

Many women (and some men) are going this way today for the health, for the cost and for the fun of it. Look, you only need 3 things to make it happen: Fruits: pulp and juice; milk water or honey to mix everything; and last but not least dried herbs to concoct the perfect and rich natural ingredient product.

The thing I love making my own skin-care is that I do not have anything to read everything and select the product that best fits my needs, I simply make myself the best product. The right recipe will make the right cream you desire.

The choice is yours.

You can make mask, cream, cleanser for your face, moisturizing. Then you choose your type of skin from normal (but really who is normal?) To dry, or sensitive with or without acne problems. You can even go deeper and make product to remove blackhead or you can make totally safe whitening cream. I had told you, it's really fun.

The part of creating the perfect recipe for my skin is my joy.

You avoid chemical ingredients and possible irritations (and of course, really bad side effects), you save money because you will soon discover the ingredients are not so expensive and you have the advantage of using natural antioxidant from the source: your fruits. Then you can play with the milk, the water or the honey for your texture and softness.

The only problem because there is one is the preservation. You must keep your home made skin-care product in the refrigerator during 3 to 4 weeks. But it's really not a problem, with the time and the experience, you just make small quantities that last 3 to 4 weeks.

Again, as we have discussed together in the previous article, healthy foods are a true miracle. That's why, eating right with natural ingredient is the right decision to go. If you think of it twice, you can ask yourself the question: Why are we surrounded by bad foods? By bad foods, I mean toxic foods from unscrupulous chemical companies and the horrible thing is that they start from the seed.

From the beginning of humanity, everything was there. Think of it a minute.

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