Low to No Carb Diets – Effective Or Simply Stupid?

Margarita FolkPosted by

Low to no carb diets: we see them everywhere. People think of them as the target in order to lose weight. People think of them as a quick way to drop some pounds. Well guess what? They are one of the five most unhealthy and absolutely stupidest weight loss 'plans' out there today.

Carbohydrates are the main sources of energy your body takes from. If there are no carbohydrates, like in low to no carb diets, your body starts to take from the fat source. That may seem good, but what really happens is that you are losing energy. You can fall sleep when you do not mean to. You and your body basically lose all motivation and power to perform the simplest of daily actions. Such a diet is unhealthy.

Also, they do not work. Your results can appear, but what happens afterward? Your carb count in low to no carb diets are minimal. You lose weight and energy. After, you feel that you have accomplished a major goal and begin to eat a regular amount of carbs. Without the proper exercise that never happened in the diet, the weight literally hops back on your body. It's like a yo-yo and you'll be cooked in a vicious routine of no carbs to full carbs to no carbs again.

So what's the deal here? Well, multiple research teams have collaborated from all over the world in order to create an ideal and healthy way to accomplish your goal. They've created a simply stunning weight loss program that will not cut your carbs and will keep you out of any cycles of on and off diet.

Source by John Kew