Losing Weight and Alcohol – Weight Loss Tips

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If you’ve given up the booze and you want to lose weight, start by giving yourself a pat on the back. Well done you! Just don’t celebrate with a drink! If you’ve got a weight problem giving up alcohol is a very sensible thing to do and it will help your weight loss efforts significantly.

There is a lot of nonsense talked about alcohol and weight. ‘Alcohol makes you fat’ is the most common statement. It’s not true. Alcohol does not make you fat. To put it in a better way, ‘alcohol prevents you from losing weight’.

What does this mean? Well, alcohol contains no carbohydrates (except for exceptionally sweet drinks). Having no carbohydrates, the body cannot store the energy from the alcohol you consume. Alcohol gives your body a problem. What your body does is to convert the energy (calories) from the alcohol you consume into acetate. This acetate stays in the blood stream and is not absorbed.

Faced with the situation of all this excess energy, your body then burns off the acetate in your system as quickly as it can. It uses acetate energy in preference, and instead of the energy you have already stored. It’s not difficult to see that if you drink a lot of alcohol your body is not going to be burning the fat, it’s going to be burning the acetate. Over time the fat builds up. This how you get fat – particularly if on top of that you are eating the wrong type of food.

If you want to lose weight don’t go on a diet. If you do, the weight you lose will come back again. What you need to do is to learn new habits, slim habits, if you are going to lose weight and keep it off.

You have given up the bad habit of drinking, now you need to identify any other bad habits that make you fat and learn new slim habits. By making change you will be able to lose weight permanently. You have shown great resolve in giving up alcohol, now translate this success to losing weight. You can do it!

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