Losing Weight After a Baby

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Although having a baby was a wonderful experience, after the event all I wanted was for my body and life to feel normal again! What I and my friends quickly learn is that you can not rush things – it will take about 6 months for your body to "normalize". You will be getting to grips with motherhood, night feeding – previously unknown levels of stress and emotion. You will need to eat well to provide the energy to get through all this so most of the "fad" diets are just going to do harm rather than help.

So, with this in mind try some of the tips below and I am certain you will get where you want safely and healthily:

Drink lots of water! I can not stress this one enough. Our body's are made up of mostly water and need it to stay healthy. Drink water before and after feeding. It will help you feel full and is zero calories.

Eat healthy – lots of fruit, vegetables and slow burning cereals. You are going to need plenty of energy so make sure it is the right sort. Mix up the fruit and veg – I would try and pick a good selection (mix the colors) and add a new one each time I went to the supermarket – anything except lettuce really – I went that when I got pregnant and have not liked it since – whats with that!

Try to lose no more than 1 pound per week – this will make sure it is balance and healthy and so will ultimate stay off.

Exercise! Yes I know, the last thing on your mind after giving birth! I am not talking about spending hours at the gym here but, tempting as it might be, spending all day on the sofa in your nightgown staring into your newborn eyes is not going to help you lose weight. Take your baby for long walks, if you have stairs run up and down them for a while and …, you do not have to tell anyone about this one but, doing star jumps and crazy dancing not only gives you a good workout but will have your baby mesmerized!

Follow these simple tips and you will not only get your weight down but will get the fitness you are going to need to keep up with that bundle of energy just waiting to get mobile.

Source by Sam Weaver