Lose Weight – You Are What You Drink

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Getting serious about losing weight but do not have your plan together yet? We all know that we have to eat right and exercise, but does it really matter what and how much you drink? Guess what … it does matter. Let us look at what and how much you drink can affect your weight loss efforts.

What has zero calories and can not make you gain weight? You guessed it … water. Water is essential for life. You can not live without it. You can survive for over 10 weeks without food, but you will die going without water for more than a few days. How much do you need per day and does drinking water have an effect on weight loss?

Water serves many purposes in the body. First, it is used to move mineral and nutrients to the places in the body that needs them. It is also used to remove waste from the body. Water provides a medium for organs to send electrical impulses through in which they use to communicate with each other.

The body is made up of 60% water. Just a 5% reduction in the body's water level will cause a 20% energy reduction. If you exercise, this same about of water loss can have a huge effect on the energy required to complete the exercise routine. You must hydrate with water if you are to lose weight and have enough energy.

As stated earlier water has zero calories and can help to neutralize acidity in the body. Water also helps to fill you up and diminish hunger or cravings. When you drink water before or during a meal, it helps to fill your stomach and give you a fuller feeling. This helps a person to feel fuller without eating as much food.

Consistently drinking water during the day will lower the amount of food you think you have to have, as you will feel fuller before meals. Most recommendations suggest drinking eight glasses of water per day. Although this is a good starting point, each individual has a different requirement for water dependent on his or her metabolism.

If you still feel thirsty drinking eight glasses per day, then drink more water. Since there are no calories to worry about, drinking plenty of water will not harm you unless you drink a tanker full. Be aware that sometimes the body confuses hunger with thirst. If you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water first as this may be all you really need to rid yourself of the hungry feeling. Most of the time the stomach is calling out for something to fill it and it is not always necessarily food.

After drinking water to get rid of hunger pains, wait 15 minutes to see if you still have feelings of being hungry. Most of the time you will feel full, therefore saving the calories that you would have otherwise taken in eating something.

Try this – before you eat or even start to cook your next meal drink one to two glasses of water. It depends on the amount of time you have before the meal whether you will be able to consume one or two glasses of water. This will reduce the amount of empty space in your stomach before starting to eat thus reducing the amount food you will want to eat. It will also reduce the tendency to nibble before or after the meal.

Drink two glasses of water when you first get out of bed each morning. Most people are the hungriest between dinner in the afternoon and breakfast in the morning. You have gone your longest period without food. By drinking a couple of glasses of water when you first rise, it will help to fill your stomach and keep you from eating so much at breakfast.

Since water is the most important fluid you put into your body you should try to replace as many other drinks as possible with water. There will be times when you want something other than water, in which case you should drink other fluids in moderation and create a balance. For instance, coffee or tea both contain caffeine which is a diuretic. To keep a balance in the body, you should drink at least two glasses of water for every glass of caffeine or tea that you drink to replace lost fluids.

Some medications as well as herbs have a diuretic effect, so you should drink water to offset these also. Water flushes the body's systems, has no calories and fills the stomach. It should be included in your daily intake as much as possible to assist with your weight loss program.

Source by Tony C Edwards