Lose Weight Using Apple Cider Vinegar

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Lets face it, there are many pills and potions out there for losing weight.

Many people try different products to lose weight out of desperation. Not only most of those products do not work, they, in many cases, contribute to weight gain. They're just there because people are looking for a way to put their weight under control and would try anything. So marketers propose and people dispose!

However, study shows that the best way to put weight under control is to eat or drink certain foods, before, during and after meals. One of those foods in apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar according to Dr. Earl Mindell, R.PH., PHD, can help regulate blood pressure, fight infection, relieve arthritis, promote good digestion, improve metabolism, flush the gall bladder, regulate body weight and much more. Vinegar has a 10,000 year history as both food and medicine.

I use it regularly for heart burn by taking two tea spoon of it before each meal. If I do not have access to it when I am out and eating something, and later experience any heart burn, then I take it as the heart burn develops, and bam, the heart burn is gone. Amazing! I use to take all these over the counter medications that had side effects, but ever since I discovered apple cider vinegar, no more medication. It is advisable to take organic apple cider vinegar for maximum effect.

This can equally be effective for weight loss as apple cider vinegar regulates the body weight, promotes good digestion, flushes the gall bladder efficiently and potentially makes fat burning so much easier.

This is a logical and sensible way to put your body weight under control, and the more interesting thing is that vinegar is not the only food that does that.

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