Lose Weight and Get More Energy – Drink Enough Water

Margarita FolkPosted by

Your body heavily relies on water to complete many of its functions; digestion of food, removing waste, transporting blood and other nutrients around the body and fueling your brain.

When you drink less water than your body needs it becomes stressed and any systems which need water will have to limit their function until water intake increases.

Not drinking enough clean pure water is a major issue for your health and can be linked to problems such as increased body fat. Your system is designed to drink only pure water and not the juices, coffee, teas, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks we often replace it with. When we use these drinks instead of the water our bodies crave, we do get some water into our system.

However we also get a large amount of energy which is absorbed quickly and if you’re not active at that time or under stress it will be stored away as fat. By drinking these drinks instead of water you are taking in far more calories than you were ever meant to drink.

Another body function that works against you when trying to lose weight is the mechanism for letting you know when you need to drink and eat. Both hunger pains and thirst pains often feel alike and when this pain is felt by most people they associate it with a need to eat and satisfy that urge, when most of the time your body is informing you that it is dehydrated.

When you feel these pains it is more likely that what you are feeling is a need to drink water and this should be tried first before you eat. If you still feel the pain, you then know that food is what your body needs to solve the problem.

Source by Brett C MacPherson