Long Eyelash Diseases

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Long eyelashes call for proper cleanliness. If this is not taken care of, health problems may crop up. These health problems can go on and affect the eye.

Some of the diseases associated with long eyelashes include:

(a) Blepharitis. This is the inflammation of the eyelids, especially at the edges of the eyelid. It is usually accommodated by irritation and itchiness. The eyelids become reddish and the long eyelashes may start to fall off.

(b) Distichiasis. This is an extra row of eyelashes at the inner lid border, which is turned inward against the eye. This can be very disturbing as the hairs touch the eyeball.

(c) Madarosis. This is a condition in which the eyelids just fall off on their own.

(d) Trichiasis. This is the abnormal in-growing eyelash. These cause irritation from friction on the eyeball.

(e) Folliculitis. This is the inflammation of hair follicles.

(f) Demodex folliculorum. This is a very small mite that is harmless and lives in the eyelash. It is a common mite and most people have it unknowingly. However, it can cause blespharitis.

(g) Stye. This is an abscess in the follicle of an eyelash and surrounding sebaceous.

These long eyelash diseases are treatable and can be managed effectively. In more serious cases, eyelash transplant surgeries are employed to re-construct or thicken lashes.

However, proper hygiene is important in keeping long eyelashes free from any elements that may cause disease. Long eyelashes collect a good amount of dirt and moisture, if this is not cleaned out routinely, diseases can set in.

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