Is Water The Secret Weight Loss Ingredient?

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Why should the amount of water you drink affect weight loss? H2O is essential to our bodies. How much you drink may directly affect how much you lose. It may be the "miracle drug" we all want to get rid of excess weight. Once you've got the amount of calories you take in under control, the water you drink may play a bigger role in losing weight than you realize.

Most folks can not figure out why they need to drink more if they are already retaining water. That bloat you feel is how your body is responding to a lack of water. It is convinced you are not getting enough and therefore saving every drop. So instead of flushing out a lot of impurities in your system, you keep them along with the water.

Your system needs water to get the gunk out of your system. When you drink more, it washes out the impurities your body would otherwise not get rid of because of a lack of water. Once the floodgates open, your system absorbs the water and pushes out the extra gunk it's been holding on to. All this makes you go to the bathroom more. The more nasty stuff you've got stored up the longer this process takes, but chin up, it will all settle down and soon you'll be back to a more normal routine.

If your kidneys have the water they need to work properly they can wash out impurities to keep you running smoothly. Without enough water, your liver takes over some of those duties. Since the liver is the organ that metabolizes fat, your body must store fat rather than process it. When your body has the water it needs, everything can work together at optimal efficiency.

So how much should you drink? It depends on a few factors.

Normally if you drink an 8 oz. glass 8 times per day, it's enough. Add another glass for every additional 25 pounds you are overweight. Add a glass or two for every beverage you drink containing caffeine. Caffeine draws water out of your system so you need to replace it. Drink more if you live in a hot climate or if you exercise vigorously. And drink plenty of water if you drink alcohol. Most hangovers are due to dehydration caused by alcohol.

"Do I HAVE to drink PLAIN water all the time?" No, though you should consider drinking mostly plain water. Once you get used to it, you may find you actually prefer just plain water. Flavored waters usually contain artificial sweeteners. Who knows what effect large quantities can have on you over time? If it helps, why not try adding a little lime or lemon juice to your water? Many find it very refreshing.

There is some debate on the best temperature to drink water. Some say refrigerated water is bad for you. Others insist it does not matter. One point that does make sense is avoiding very cold water when you are very hot. The idea the temperature extremes could shock your system seems reasonable. Aside from this, it's better to drink than not to drink so imbibe at whatever water temperature you like most.

It may be wise to stop drinking a couple or so hours before bedtime to prevent too many nocturnal trips to the rest room. Though some think a glass before bed may help you sleep better, few people sleep well with a bursting bladder.

Getting enough water in your system can be one of the best things you can do for your health. Water helps your body in so many ways – from your cells to your skin – it would be unwise to ignore this crucial factor in your weight loss efforts.

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