Is Jelqing Permanent? 2 Penis Enlargement Tips to Grow a Massive Penis That Women Will Love!

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Is Jelqing Permanent? Well, this is the question that I will tackle in this article. Also I will give you some effective penis enlargement tips to grow a massive penis that women will love.

There are many penis enlargement devices and remedies on the market. Sadly, the majority of them are not very effective. The usual cycle for a man that is searching for penis enlargement tips is this – They search online, find some big promises, spend loads of money, get no results and then give up. Is that the cycle that you want?

Well if you do not, then do not waste your time with worthless remedies and accept that natural methods are the safest and best way forward.

Is Jelqing Permanent?

There have been questions asked – is jelqing permanent? The answer it is! However you need to actually get the penile length increase before you see the permanent size increase, obvious right?

Is Jelqing Safe?

Another question that is asked a lot is – is jelqing safe? The answer to this one is, it is if you follow the instructions that are laid out for the exercise. You need to make sure that you warm up before each session. Also you have to fully lubricate your penis before you start to insure that you are safe.

Tips On Penis Enlargement

Now that you have had a few of your questions answered, I will now give you some tips on penis enlargement. These penis enlargement tips are only effective if you not only read them, but take action. Do not be a knowledgeable fool! That is a person that reads a lot and has all the knowledge and penis enlargement tips but does nothing!

1 – Organization and Diet

When you are Jelqing you need to compliment this exercise with a healthy diet. You need to supply your body with nutrients and protein to help your penis to grow. The recommended food to consume is lean meat such as chicken, fresh vegetables and fruit.

2 – Sticking To The Plan

The key to growing a massive penis is being very consistent. When you are using the jelqing exercise you need to do it daily and stick to it.

You need to make sure you warm up well, lubricate your shaft, and perform each stroke well. You need to insure that you hold your penis firm from the base with your finger and thumb and milk your penis. Insure you do at least 100 strokes a day.

The reality is, it can take quite a while to get the results that you want. That is why many people never see the results. Stick to it and get the penis you want and women will love.

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