Incorporating Natural Essential Oils In Skin Care

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Essential oils were discovered long ago as to having both health and beauty giving qualities. One of the most important essential oils for your skin has been found to be rosehip. Rosehip seed oil, cold pressed from the rose has many benefits, including skin cell regeneration. Rosehip is directly from the "fruit" of the rose, and is packed full of the A and C vitamins, along with essential fatty acids. Although, rosehip seed oil is found in all kinds of natural skin care products, it is also easily applied directly to the skin. Since it is a very light formula of essential oil, there is no residue left behind, and it will quickly adsorb into your skin.

Rosehip oil is an essential oil that will work very well with every kind of skin type. There are many benefits to this oil, including the natural derivative of Retinol, known as Tretinoin. There is also Retinol Acid and anti-oxidant tocopherols, along with omega 3. It is a natural oil which is recommended for better healing of scars associated with minor burns, surgery and acne. For those with eczema or dermatitis, there is symptom relief from directly applied rosehip oil to the affected areas of the skin.

For fresher glowing look, rosehip can be directly applied to your skin. Rosehip oil is wonderful for skin hydration, and skin cell damage repair. It is the fatty acids and antioxidants or lycopene and beta carotene that quickly repair, and further protect your skin from the skin damaging free radicals. Along with the ability to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles, rosehip is also known to reduce acne, and skin pigmentation. It is a essential oil that will work wonders when used at bedtime, for a nightly facial treatment.

Rosehip is so healthy for your skin and body, that it is found in many natural products . Not only is it found in moisturizers, cosmetics, and many other facial and body skin products, but it is also a very nutritious and delicious tea. When drinking rosehip tea, you will be getting a large dose of Vitamin C, which makes for an excellent way to fight off the common cold that may be floating around. When rosehip is produced as a oil, there is more than 80% in essential fatty acids within the oil its itself, making it one of the best powerful skin replenishing and repairing quality products that you can use.

Source by Anita R Choudhary