Improve Your Hunting Skills Overnight With These Tips

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Hunting is a fun sport to be in. If you are a man, you feel like you are one of those cavemen doing your best to bring home food for your family. If you are a woman, you feel like you're one of Artemis' huntress providing to your mistress your worth as an Amazon.

Small game hunting is more exciting because the targets are smaller and therefore require more keen eyesight and easily adaptable reflexes. Compare the size of a deer to a rabbit. Surely, the hunter will have an easier time spotting a deer as opposed to a tiny rabbit.

Here are some basics for small game hunting:
1. There is more pressure in small game hunting because not only are the goals smaller, they also vanish quicker. Squirrels, rabbits, birds are hard to spot but they are so easy to get away. The small game hunter must always be up on his toes and must never bat an eyelash once he drops his prey.

2. Do not move. As much as possible, once you have spotted a target, reach for your weapon of choice without startingling any of the bushes you are hiding behind. If you do so, then the prey would only be startled and hop or skip or fly away from your weapon's reach.

3. Know exactly when the activity periods of your prey of choice are. You might be looking for a squirrel but they're in hiding. You might be hunting for a rabbit but there's no chance you'll see one during that season. Do you research before heading out. Or else, you're just spending your time.

4. It is easier to have a partner. You know what Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal did in "Brokeback Mountain"? No, not that. Seriously, you can do the stay-in-turns which they did in the movie. In doing so, one can have his rest while the other places up to watch.

5. There's no problem seeking the help of an expert. Ask your local ranger of a wildlife conversation officer what the possible small game hunting animals you can see during that season. You can also ask them which spots they mostly frequent.

6. Prepare a boogie trap. If you are hunting for squirrels, have acorns ready. If you do not have acorns with you, stay behind a bush where acorns are abundant. Wait for a couple of minutes, chances are you will see a squirrel coming towards it.

7. You must also mind the weather. Just because the weather is fine for you, it does not mean that your prey will also go out on that day. Just as there is a change is prey behavior, your hunting methods must also apply. Know that squirrels and rabbits enjoy pleasant weather. An avid hunter knows that sunny mornings and afternoons are the best time to pry on their prey.

8. Once the wood is wet, there is more possibility for the hunter to see a prey out in the open. Whenever the temperature is mild, squirrels and rabbits are there for the hunt. They do not mind the wet days.

9. As a hunter, you must always wear camouflage. In this way, you are concealing yourself to the eyes of your prey. Not only are they already having a hard time seeing you because of their black-and-white vision, they will also have a harder time spotting you when you're wearing a darker motif. When you're leaning against a tree, they would not see you that easily.

10. Consider your weapon of choice. Know the differences between a rifle and a shot gun. A rifle may give you a better range but there is more advantages when you use a shotgun. When you use the latter, you will not have a hard time shooting at squirrels or rabbits because of their automatic re-loading. All you would have to do is to fire away and run after them. Whereas with the rifle, it gives you a longer range and wider target.

11. During the earlier part of hunting season, squirrels and rabbits are less aware of their predator's presence. Also because leaves are still ample during that time, squirrels and rabbits will not spot their hunters that easily.

12. Do not stalk with your sun bouncing off your shoulders. This is a given. If you do so, it will only make your shadow be perpendicular to your movement and these can be seen by your prey.

Most importantly, have fun!

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