Hunger Vs Cravings and the Solution

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Have you ever noticed that when you are in certain ‘moods’ you tend to want to eat certain types of food? This is what is known as a craving and very often people use these cravings as a way to control their state! The problem is that the sort of foods that are eaten during a craving can have a few too many calories in them, which will be detrimental to your weight loss efforts.

Do you know what my number 1 food craving is? It’s chocolate, and I don’t think I’m the only one! The real trick to controlling your cravings is by becoming aware of the difference between hunger and a craving. After all those ‘little’ sweet treats don’t seem so bad when you think are hungry!


Let’s be honest here, one of the most addictive substances on earth is sugar, some studies even draw the conclusion that it is more addictive than cocaine and caffeine! That’s why if you have ever been on diet and then had a piece of chocolate you suddenly find you can’t stop!

Cravings are usually caused by changes in your mood and your body will try to use certain types of food in order to control your state. Cravings also commonly occur after a meal and will be stronger if you are currently dieting. But don’t worry, as long as you can hold off the urge to eat your favourite types of food, the craving will pass with time!


This is a feeling that doesn’t pass with time as I’m sure you know by now and can result in a headache or in weakness! The feeling of hunger will occur if you haven’t eaten in a while, but I’m sure that is the obvious part. Hunger can be satisfied with a healthy meal and isn’t a feeling for one specific type of food as is with a craving.

The solution to cravings

The best solution to your cravings will be to distract yourself from them! I don’t know about you, but my cravings usually hit when I’m bored so naturally this works best for people like me. Try reading, listening to some good music or even calling a friend.

But if you really wanted to boost your weight loss efforts you can always try distracting yourself with exercise when you feel your cravings hit! And as a backup always keep fresh fruit with you where ever you go so that if you can’t fight the craving, you always have something healthy to snack on!

In order to burn your stubborn body fat and get to your ideal weight, it is vital to have a greater self-awareness of your body and to remember the difference between your cravings and your hunger! And remember that if you do slip up and consume more calories than what you should have, it’s not the end of the world, there is always another day to do better!

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