How to Whiten Your Teeth Very Fast From Home – Finally, a Home Based Tooth Whitener That Works!

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Who else wants to know how to whiten your teeth inexpensively from home? If you are anything like I was only one short year ago, you're probably very ready to get the beautiful smile that you know will make you happier, more confident and far more attractive to boot, right? It's true … in just about every study done on physical beauty and attraction, the number # 1 thing that most people look for is a killer smile, and if you've got one, it looks like the world is your oyster indeed.

So if getting an amazing set of pearly whites is such a great investment in our health, wealth and happiness, why do so many people STILL have stained teeth? It's a great question! Did you know that getting your teeth whitened at a dentist office can cost anywhere from 600 to one thousand dollars and UP? It's true … and with the economy in a seemingly free fall all around us, that's simply a hard investment for many of us to make!

But what about those teeth whitening toothpastes? Do not they work?

Absolutely (and unfortunately) not! Might they temporarily whiten your teeth for a very brief time in a slight and probably unnoticeable way? Yes … the better ones will give you a little bit of improvement. But long term, the only realistic, affordable and viable solution for home based whitening that works are REAL professional quality products that contain professional quality gel or bleaching agent, which are actually analogous to the same treatment you'll get in the dental chair .. .just without the prohibitive cost.

Are All Home Based Whitening Methods Created Equal?

No – just like anything else, there is a wide disparity between the success rates of many of the products commonly available for consumer purchase. For example, products that you may find at your local drugstore may have a lower intensity percentage than the same product you may find at your local dentists office. The gel will be the same ….. but the concentration of whitener within the product (and the results you can expect to get) will vary wildly.

How much whiter can you expect your teeth to get?

Honestly? 5 shades, give or take in your very first 2 or 3 applications. The simple truth is that until until you've actually witnessed the dramatic difference in your smile, you simply can not even conceive yet of how different that truly is. But remember, like anything else, you need to follow up and through with subsequent sessions wherever you do it at home, or at the dentist office. (and of course …. if you are a heavy smoker, coffee or tea drinker or otherwise, you may need to re-apply once or twice a month as needed)

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